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Banana Tea

Banana tea is a yellow colored herbal infusion made from the fruit and its peel. It’s soothing flavor and an array of health benefits make it immensely popular.

Banana Tea

History and origin

Originating in South East Asia, bananas were carried to the New World by some explorers and missionaries. Apart from being used in stews and curries, keeping its wide range of health benefits in mind, it might have eventually been used in making a herbal infusion.

Banana Tea

Health benefits: What is it good for

Weight loss

The presence of fiber ensures a sense of fullness alongside preventing the release of ghrelin, a hunger causing hormone. Besides the fruit, its peels ( green ones) are also said to be effective in losing weight due to their probiotic content.

Hence a cup of banana fruit or peel tea a day can keep your calories in check.

For strong bones

The presence of copious amounts of the electrolyte, potassium in banana tea neutralizes metabolic acids to prevent calcium loss, thereby ensuring a steady production of bone material in the body.

As a diuretic

Another benefit of the tea’s potassium content is to regulate the body’s fluid balance by enhancing urination, thereby assisting in the speedy elimination of toxins from the body.

Sleep inducing properties

Bananas and its peels are high in the amino acid tryptophan, that derives serotonin, a mood-boosting neurotransmitter which regulates the stress level and sleep pattern. Therefore a cup of banana or peel tea would have a refreshing effect on your mind, facilitating in a good sleep.

Improving heart health

Banana tea acts as a vasodilator ensuring that blood flows effortlessly and oxygenates varied body organs.  The presence of soluble fibers also help in preventing the bad cholesterol from accumulating in the artery by eliminating it from the digestive system. This tea also has a positive impact on the blood pressure level as its potassium content lessens the effect of sodium. Hence a cup of banana tea would ensure a sound heart health.

Banana Leaf Tea

Aiding digestion

The presence of a host of nutrients in banana ensures a smooth digestion. While the water-soluble pectins in ripe bananas stabilize the carbohydrate digestion, the fructooligosaccharides (FOS) balances the good bacteria in the lower intestine thus aiding in a sound digestive health.

Moreover, its potassium content strengthens the functioning of the muscles in the digestive tract, whereas the digestive fibers enhance the free movement of the food.

Relieves diarrhea

Having a considerable amount of potassium, a glass of banana tea can make up for the potassium loss after a bout of diarrhea.

In Type 2 Diabetes

The tea having a low Glycemic Index (GI) causes blood sugar and insulin levels to rise gradually by slow absorption and digestion of food, thus proving useful in preventing type 2 Diabetes. The presence of magnesium in banana tea may also decrease the risk of type 2 Diabetes by its active part in glucose metabolism.

Antioxidant property

The antioxidant properties of catechin, in banana tea, prevents the formation of free radicals by reacting with toxins, created as a result of harmful bacteria and metals (cadmium, chrome, mercury), thereby protecting the body from diseases and ensuring overall health.

For better skin

Vitamin C present in the tea promotes skin elasticity by stimulating collagen synthesis. It also results in less melanin production by resisting the enzyme, tryosinase, ensuring an improved skin. Further, the high water content of banana tea restricts excess drying out of the skin by efficient hydration and rejuvenation. Ripe banana can also be mixed with green tea and applied topically as a face mask to drive away wrinkles.

In iron deficiency anemia

Banana tea is high in copper, that serves as an important cofactor by facilitating the formation of red blood cells. While, collagen, formed as a result of copper, rapidly absorbs iron thereby reducing chances of having iron deficiency anemia.

Banana Tea Pictures

For eye health

The carotenoids (lutein and zeaxanthin), present in banana tea assists in preserving healthy cells as well as reduces oxidative damage by absorbing UV light and other rays, that are harmful to eyes, thereby preventing chances of vision loss.

How to make banana tea

While making banana tea, care should be taken that the peels are not discarded for they are an excellent source of nutrients.

  • Cut off both ends of a raw banana.
  • Boil the banana with peels in a kettle containing water, for about ten minutes
  • Strain and drink
  • Pour ice cubes if you want an iced banana tea

For a flavored tea, you may sprinkle cinnamon or mint leaves to relish as cinnamon banana tea or banana mint tea and add one or two banana leaves for enjoying banana leaf tea.

How to make banana peel tea

  • Freeze the peels
  • Thaw them in a pan for a couple of hours to turn black
  • Pasteurize the thawed peels by putting them in an oven at pasteurization temperature
  • Bake them till they are dry
  • Crack and shred them by hand
  • Pulverize in a blender
  • Take a teaspoon of blended banana peel and pour hot water over it
  • Strain and drink

Safety precautions

Side effects

The tea does not seem to have any side effects,  however, over consumption may cause indigestion and diarrhea.

In pregnancy

Though banana tea may support pregnant women in a number of ways like warding off nausea or boosting energy, it is better to have the tea only after consultation with the doctor.

The doctor’s advice should also be sought before giving a banana infused tea to babies or toddlers.

Banana Green Tea

Where to buy

You can buy banana tea powder or tea bags online and in herbal stores.

Article was last reviewed on 6th December 2022

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