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Cardamom Tea

What is Cardamom tea

Cardamom tea is a beneficial herbal drink prepared from the seeds of cardamom, a popular spice grown in some South Asian countries. This strongly flavored tea contains many essential nutrients.

Cardamom Tea

History and Origin

This beverage was used for getting rid of digestive problems 5, 000 years back. In 1500 BC, ancient Egyptians used cardamom for both medicinal and ritualistic purposes. The pods were also chewed for removing bad breath. Cardamom was one of the essential ingredients used in Traditional Chinese Medicine and Ayurveda for treating lung disorders, swollen eyelids, kidney diseases and abdominal conditions.

Cardamom Tea

Cardamom Tea

Cardamom Tea Benefits

Maintains cardiovascular health

Being rich in calcium, potassium, and magnesium, daily consumption of this herbal drink can regularize the heart rate, thereby maintaining normal blood pressure levels.

Boosts digestion

Common digestive problems like flatulence, indigestion, heartburn, bloating, and constipation can be resolved by having a warm cup of the aromatic tea. It is believed that cardamom helps in improving appetite by increasing the secretion of digestive enzymes. In Ayurvedic medicine, cardamom tea is useful in treating nausea and vomiting.

Natural detoxifier

Its antioxidant properties can have positive effects on the kidneys and liver by flushing out  toxins from the body, thereby increasing the urinary flow. Due to its high manganese content, the herbal infusion neutralizes the damaging effects of free radicals.

Fights bad breath

As cardamom tea has antibacterial properties, drinking it regularly can help in eliminating the germs responsible for causing tooth decay and cavities. Since the essential oils in cardamom contribute to its strong flavor, the herbal beverage can act as a natural breath freshener. Rinsing the mouth with this herbal preparation can help in maintaining dental hygiene.

Cardamom Tea Images

Cardamom Tea Images

Cardamom Tea Pictures

Cardamom Tea Pictures

Clears congestion in the lungs

It provides relief from the common symptoms of cold and flu such as coughing, throat soreness, and congestion in the respiratory system. The herbal tea has also been found to be an effective remedy for asthma.

Effects on depression

Having the herbal tea on a daily basis might prove to be beneficial for patients suffering from stress and depression.

Other benefits

Heals minor wounds

Its external application on the skin, with small cuts or insect bites, using a sterilized cotton ball or compress can provide immediate relief.

How to make cardamom tea

  • Add ground cardamom seeds to a teapot and pour some boiling water
  • Steep it for 3 to 5 minutes
  • Strain the mixture
  • Add sugar or honey for taste
Cardamom Seed

Cardamom Seed

Pictures of Cardamom Tea

Pictures of Cardamom Tea

Cardamom tea safety and precautions

Side effects

Although cardamom seeds are safe for consumption, they might cause nausea, vomiting, and allergic reactions in some cases. Cardamom is not advisable for people with gallstones as it might lead to severe abdominal pain.

Use during pregnancy

It should not be consumed by pregnant women and breastfeeding mothers.

Where to buy

Cardamom tea and tea bags are available in several herbal tea shops or online stores. Another variation of this aromatic herbal drink is the cardamom-cinnamon tea that can be purchased from any local store.

Article was last reviewed on 5th December 2022

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