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Elderberry Tea

Elderberry tea, a commonly used herbal, refreshing infusion, made from the flowers and ripe berries of the elder plant (Sambucus nigra) that originates in Europe, is commonly used for fighting various ailments. The pleasantly aromatic and flavorful medicinal tea is dark reddish-brown or purple in color.

Elderberry Tea

Elderberry Tea

Elderberry Tea

History and origin

The history of the medicinal uses of elder plant goes back to the 11th century Italy. During the 17th century, English people boiled the leaves along with linseed oil to prepare a remedy for bruises and wounds. It was believed that elder could give good fortune as well as health. The trees were planted close to houses to protect from being struck by lightning and to keep away evil spirits.

Elderberry tea benefits

With plenty of useful constituents like sambunigrin, sambucin, potassium nitrate, and natural sugars, elderberry tea offers numerous health benefits.

  • Preventing cold and flu: It has high amounts of minerals like calcium and iron as well as essential vitamins (vitamin A, B, C), which fortify the immune system, reducing the risks of infectious diseases like influenza and common cold. Consuming the herbal tea 2-4 times a day helps to soothe a sore throat and break up congestion.
  • Preventing H1N1 swine flu: In laboratory tests, it has been found that H1N1 virus responsible for causing swine flu could be killed by elderberry extracts present in the tea.
  • Preventing oxidation of cells: Presence of useful ingredients like anthocyanins and antioxidant-rich flavonoids makes it ideal for preventing oxidation of cells. Therefore, it is considered a preventive treatment for certain kinds of cancer.
  • Promoting healthy skin: Taking this organic tea is beneficial to skin as it clears acne and helps to achieve a fair complexion. Topical application of the tea is considered effective against rashes, bruises, scrapes, cuts, burns, sores, and bug bites.
  • Easing out inflammation: Elderberry tea has anti-inflammatory property, which alleviates pain associated with sore joints and arthritis.
  • Detoxifying and cleansing: Being a potent diuretic, the tea stimulates urine flow, cleanses or detoxifies the urinary tract, promotes the well-being of the kidneys and liver, thus relieving various urinary infections and similar ailments. It also has mild laxative effects, which alleviates constipation, bloating, and gas.
Elderberry Tea Photos

Elderberry Tea Photos

Elderberry Tea Images

Elderberry Tea Images

How to make elderberry tea

  • Add two tablespoons of dried elderberry fruits or flowers into two cups of boiling water.
  • To enhance taste, add two whole cloves, two cardamom pods, and a cinnamon stick (optional).
  • Allow the mixture to simmer for about 10 minutes.
  • Pour the mixture through a strainer into a teacup or mug.
  • Add honey or sugar if needed.

Elderberry tea safety and precaution

Although it is safe to consume elderberry tea daily for up to 3 months, the safety of taking it for longer periods is not specifically known. Green, uncooked berries as well as the elder roots, stem, and leaves should not be consumed due to their toxic constituent cyanogenic glycosides.

Elderberry Flower Tea

Elderberry Flower Tea

Side effects

It does not usually have any side effects when taken in regular amounts as part of a normal diet. However, the symptoms of autoimmune disorders like rheumatoid arthritis (RA), lupus (SLE), and multiple sclerosis (MS) could worsen with consumption of elderberry.

Consumption during pregnancy

It is not advisable for use in pregnant and breastfeeding women because not enough research information is available to justify the safety of this herbal blend. Those who want to take this tea should discuss its use with their physician.

Elderberry Tea Pictures

Elderberry Tea Pictures

Where to buy elderberry tea

This herbal, caffeine-free tea can be bought from local herbal tea stores or ordered online. You can purchase it either in the form of tea bags or as flower tea consisting of dried extracts of elderberry.

Article was last reviewed on 5th December 2022

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