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Eucalyptus Tea

Eucalyptus tea is an herbal infusion prepared from the strong scented fresh or dried leaves  of the eucalyptus plant. Owing to its antiseptic, anti-bacterial, anti-fungal and antispasmodic properties, in addition to its high content of nutrients, this tea has been used for medicinal purposes to provide relief from several ailments.

Eucalyptus Tea

Eucalyptus Tea

Eucalyptus Tea

History and Origin

Indigenous to Tasmania, Australia, Philippines, and Indonesia, at present this plant is also cultivated in other parts of the world like America and many Asian countries.

Eucalyptus was used by the Australian Aborigines for over hundred years as a remedy to treat fever, cough, cold, asthma as well as joint pain. Australian settlers referred to it as “fever tea” owing to its properties of combating diseases. Eucalyptus in several forms is used in modern medicines all over the world to treat congestion occurring from a cold as well as bronchial conditions. Because of an array of health benefits associated with eucalyptus, people may also have prepared a tea out of it since ancient times to heal several ailments. The German government’s       Commission E has approved of eucalyptus to be used as a therapeutic tea for treating throat inflammation.

Health benefits of eucalyptus tea: What is it good for

For respiratory health

Eucalyptus possesses astringent properties because of its tannin content that helps reducing inflammation of the mucous membrane of the upper respiratory tract. Moreover, eucalyptol present in eucalyptus gives it expectorant properties working towards releasing mucus and loosening phlegm. Therefore, drinking an infusion of this herb may be useful in treating cough, cold, bronchitis, or any other infection of the respiratory tract.

Inhaling steam of eucalyptus tea is a preferred remedy for alleviating or easing bronchitis, chest or sinus congestion, as well as a blocked nose.

Sugar controlling properties

Individual studies and researches have revealed that drinking eucalyptus tea may facilitate in insulin production, thus helping in lowering blood sugar levels. However, if you are already on diabetes medications seek your doctor’s advice before drinking this tea.

Stress reliever

Because of the sedative and soothing impact produced by this herb, drinking eucalyptus tea on a regular basis would be a good option especially for those suffering from chronic stress. It would give you a calm and relaxing effect, also leading to a good sleep at night, when taken before bedtime.

Eucalyptus Leaves

Eucalyptus Leaves

Immunity booster

The presence of powerful antioxidants in eucalyptus like eucalyptrin, quercetin, rutin, alpha-pinene, hyperin, limonene and alpha-termineol makes it useful in protecting the body against free radicals, thus warding off infections and ensuring a better overall health.

 Other uses

  • Because of its antiseptic and anti-bacterial properties, this herbal infusion can be used as a mouthwash to combat bad breath.
  • A compress of cooled eucalyptus tea can be applied to provide relief from cuts, wounds and insect stings as well as from swelling caused due to arthritis.
  • Rinsing with this tea would be beneficial in providing respite from bleeding gums because of the tannins present in it.
Eucalyptus Leaf Tea

Eucalyptus Leaf Tea

How to make Eucalyptus leaf tea


  • Eucalyptus leaves ( ½ teaspoon for dried and 1 teaspoon for fresh)
  • Water (1 cup)
  • Honey or sugar (Optional)


  • Pour the boiled water over the dried or fresh leaves
  • Steep for approximately 10 minutes
  • Add honey or sugar for taste.
  • Strain the tea and serve hot

Fresh leaves are preferred over dried ones for making this tea as the latter is said to lose their curative power. One can drink 2 to 3 cups of this tea on a daily basis especially to cure cold or nasal congestion.

Eucalyptus Leaves Tea

Eucalyptus Leaves Tea

During Pregnancy

It is not recommended for pregnant women or lactating mothers to drink eucalyptus tea.

Safety Precautions

Though it has no known side effects, overconsumption may lead to nausea, diarrhea or vomiting.

Eucalyptus Leaf

Eucalyptus Leaf

Where to buy

You can buy eucalyptus leaf tea or even tea bags online or in shops selling herbal teas.

Article was last reviewed on 27th July 2021

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