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Garlic Tea

Garlic tea is a nutritious herbal infusion prepared from the fresh cloves of garlic, a herb known for its medicinal and culinary uses. This mild-flavored tea with its pleasant taste is beneficial for treating a myriad of ailments since it has a sulfuric compound, called allicin.

Garlic Tea

History and Origin

The earliest uses of this drink by humans as an herbal remedy were recorded thousands of years ago. References to numerous applications of garlic have been found in the ancient temples and pyramids in Greece and Egypt. Some ancient medical books from India, China, and Rome recommended medical uses of garlic. In the 12th century, the German Saint Hildegarde von Bingen proposed consumption of garlic tea for the treatment of asthma, which is followed in many cultures even today.

Garlic Tea

Garlic Tea

Garlic tea benefits: what is it good for

Cough and cold

Its antiseptic properties aid in fortifying the immune system, as also in getting rid of coughs, congestions, and infections of the respiratory tract. Its intake is good for decreasing the occurrence of colds, especially during the winter months.

A good source of vitamin C, enzymes, as well as minerals, the garlic tea keeps away cold and flu.

Weight loss

Its appetite suppressing properties are attributed for losing weight. It also consists of leptin, a hormone that promotes the metabolism process and helps in burning excess fat.

Cardiovascular health

Several studies have claimed that its regular intake promotes heart health, as it helps in reducing the LDL cholesterol while raising the HDL cholesterol levels, and lowering high blood pressure by 7-8 %.

Useful for atherosclerosis

With age, the arteries have the tendency to become less stretchable and flexible, eventually hardening, causing hindrance in blood flow. Consuming this herbal drink helps to preserve the elasticity of the arteries.

Garlic Tea Pictures

Garlic Tea Pictures

Insect bites

Regularly drinking garlic tea can effectively provide relief from tick bites.

How to make garlic tea

  • Take three cups of water in a saucepan and boil
  • Remove from heat when it starts boiling
  • Add three chopped cloves of garlic and stir
  • You may add some fresh lemon juice, honey, and grated ginger to enhance taste
  • Allow it to steep for 15-20 minutes
  • Strain the mixture

Is garlic tea good for you: Possible side effects

Even though it is safe for consumption, having too much of the tea may cause vomiting, diarrhea, nausea, gas build up, heartburn, and body odor. Those with allergic reactions should avoid its use. People with serious digestive disorders should also drink it with caution.

During pregnancy

Women while pregnant can take this herbal decoction, but they should avoid its over-consumption to stay safe. Breastfeeding mothers should also avoid using it in excess amounts.

Garlic Tea Images

Garlic Tea Images

Where to buy

While garlic is commonly available in the market, you can purchase tea bags containing a mix of herbal teas including rooibos, oolong, and green tea along with garlic from local herbal tea shops or online stores.

Article was last reviewed on 23rd July 2021

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