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Labrador Tea

Labrador tea, a wholesome herbal infusion is prepared from the leaves of three species of labrador plant, including the Bog Labrador (Rhododendron groenlandicum), Western Labrador (Rhododendron neoglandulosum), and Northern Labrador (Rhododendron tomentosum). The flavorful tea, with its mild fruity taste is commonly taken for its numerous medicinal properties.

Labrador Tea


The Native Americans brewed this tea since it is full of vitamin C as well as other nutrients. Traditionally, it has been taken as a beverage by the indigenous people in North America including the Inuit and the Athabaskan-speaking groups. It was consumed mainly for its invigorating effect on the stomach and the nerves. In folk medicine, it was used to keep away coughs and cold.

Labrador Tea

Labrador Tea

Labrador tea benefits: What is it good for

Coughs and colds

Its intake provides relief against coughs and colds and helps to clear mucus. It aids in opening up the airways in people suffering from asthma as well as other lung diseases. Sore throat, a symptom of flu or cold is also reduced by its consumption.

Healing qualities

According to some scientific studies, labrador tea exhibits strong antioxidant activities that help in reducing the effects of cardiovascular diseases and cancer.

Its anti-cancer property is useful in preventing cancerous cell growth and decreasing the chances of colon and lung cancer.

Kidney problems

Because of its protective properties, it has been traditionally used for providing relief from several kidney ailments.

Labrador Leaves

Labrador Leaves

Labrador Tea Pictures

Labrador Tea Pictures

Anti-inflammatory effects

Some research has revealed that consumption of labrador tea is beneficial in lessening muscle and joint pain as well as in alleviating inflammatory conditions like rheumatism.

Promotes sleep

It has been commonly used as a natural relaxant, which helps in inducing sleep. Therefore, this sleeping aid is useful for those with insomnia.

How to make labrador tea

  • Take one to two teaspoonful labrador tea leaves in a teapot
  • Pour two to three cups of boiling water over the leaves
  • Steep for 5 minutes
  • Strain the mixture to remove the leaves
  • Add flavor with lemon, sugar, or honey

Safety and precautions

Side effects

Mild or weak labrador tea is considered safe, but having it in excess may cause adverse effects like spasms, diarrhea, vomiting, and inflammation of the intestinal lining. As it has narcotic properties, overconsumption may cause intoxication, decrease in blood pressure, slow pulse, and uncoordinated movements.

During pregnancy

Women should avoid consuming this tea while pregnant since it may lead to miscarriage and other complications. Breastfeeding mothers are also advised to stop having this tea, as not much information is available about its effects on infants.

Labrador Plant

Labrador Plant

Labrador Tea Images

Labrador Tea Images

Where to buy

Freshly harvested, high-quality labrador tea is sold in sealed packs at online tea stores as well as herbal tea shops.

Article was last reviewed on 26th July 2021

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